Take Stock of Where You’re At

Our bodies are continually changing and evolving. Allergies can develop with age, and sensitivity to certain foods can build over time. That’s why I recommend that EVERYONE do an elimination diet at least once, ESPECIALLY if you feel like something might be “off.”

If you don’t have any glaring issues like IBS symptoms, skin conditions, or allergies, think about other aspects that affect your life.

How are your energy levels?

How are you sleeping?

Do you ever feel like you suffer from brain fog? How’s your overall mood?

These traits can ALL be affected by food sensitivities.

Grab a pen and start taking stock. Begin from your head and end at your toes, listing everything you notice about your body.

Dry skin? Brittle nails? Stubborn fat?

Add it to the list! No matter how subtle the symptoms might be. This will set you up to notice those critical changes when they happen.

What’s on your list?