Avoid These Common Mistakes

When you first start meal prepping, there are a number of mistakes I want to help you avoid.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many new or complex recipes with a long list of ingredients. It’s easy to get swept away with yummy and exotic-sounding new dishes— start simple, with recipes you already know how to make and know you like.

Make sure to plan meals that will help keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day. If your goal is to lose weight, make sure you have nourishing, filling foods that won’t have you sneaking over to the vending machine. The key to creating a satisfying meal is balancing your macros: a quarter protein, a quarter carbohydrate, and the rest non- starchy vegetables.

Lastly, when prepping, keep your schedule in mind. You’ll need enough time to shop and prepare your meals, but you’ll also need to be mindful of work events that can interfere with mealtime. For example, if you have a tight schedule where you might not be able to sit down and have a warm bowl of soup, be sure to pack a sandwich or wrap instead.

If you can avoid these three mistakes, you’ll be a happy meal prepper!